Construction began at the dam site in 1962 and finished in 1965. The cost of the dam and land base at that time was close to $3.5 million. Present annual maintenance costs are about $50,000.

Wildwood Dam Facts

Where: Trout creek near St Marys

When: 1965


  • Help reduce flood damages in downstream communites such as St Marys and London
  • Help improve downstream flows during dry periods (summer and early fall)


  • 9.3 km long, covering 3.8 km2 (summer size)
  • Water levels can rise significantly when a lot of rain falls during a short period of time

  • From mid June to December, the reservoir water level drops. As a result, in the late summer and fall, boating is not possible in some areas that were previously accessible

Boating Restrictions: No personal watercraft

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