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Visiting UTRCA Conservation Area - Please Stay Safe!

Wildwood (St. Marys), Pittock (Woodstock), and Fanshawe (London) Conservation Areas continue to be available for walking and nature viewing. Spending time in nature can reduce stress and help you feel more energized. Please be respectful of nature and other visitors at all times.

Be aware that waterways pose a serious safety hazard. River banks and shorelines are slippery, water temperatures are very cold, and any ice is unstable and thin. Please exercise extreme caution around ditches, streams, and rivers, and stay off of frozen ponds and flood control reservoirs. Keep children and pets away from all waterways.

Here are guidelines for visiting UTRCA Conservation Areas for passive recreation during COVID-19:

  • Practice social distancing on trails and in parking areas, and do not gather in groups.

  • Visit only during daylight hours.

  • Be aware that there are no washroom facilities available.

  • The parks are not monitored or maintained, and staff availability is very limited. Exercise caution while visiting.

  • Park only in designated parking lots and ensure roads, gates, and exits are not blocked.

  • Take nothing but photos, and leave nothing but footprints.

  • Keep pets on leash at all times, and always pick up after your pet.


The UTRCA also has the following small, daytime use Conservation Areas available for the public to visit, with the same guidelines:

  • Cade Tract (south of Rannoch)

  • Embro CA (northwest of Embro)

  • Harmony CA (in the village of Harmony)

  • Harrington CA (in the village of Harrington)

  • Shakespeare CA (north of Shakespeare


All UTRCA offices and buildings remain closed to the public to help protect the public and staff from COVID-19.

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