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wildwood trails

Wildwood's four hiking & biking trails range in length from 1.2 km to the 25 km Lake Trail.

Please remember trail etiquette -

take only pictures,

leave only footprints,

use only marked trails!


All trails are multi-purpose and can be used by both hikers and cyclists, by permit only. The trails range from flat to rugged terrain with areas of steep hills, exposed roots and rocks. Plan ahead and know your abilities as well as the areas through which you are hiking or biking. 

All trail users must either be camping at Wildwood or have a seasonal pass or a daily pass receipt. Trail pass revenue contributes to trail improvements and management. For anyone camping, access to the trail is included.

All bikers should travel counter clockwise on odd dates (1, 3, 5...)and clockwise on even dates (2, 4, 6...). Enjoy the trails and please respect the environment by bringing all trash out with you.

If you are heading clockwise on an even-numbered date, please start at the grassy area leading towards the pool. From here, follow the "Lake Trail/follow road to Trail" signs mounted on trees along the way. This route will take you to the forest entrance. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

If you come across any hazards or concerns on the trail, please let the gate staff know.

Trail Rules

  • Helmets are mandatory when biking the trails.

  • Please use the official access points indicated on the trail map.

  • Stay on the managed trails (marked with coloured blazes).

  • Bicycles are permitted. Please be courteous and give way to hikers.

  • Bicycles on the Lake Trail:

    • Travel clockwise on even-numbered dates (access at the Dr Murray Forest in B Section).

    • Travel counter clockwise on odd-numbered dates (access at the underpass by the gatehouse).

  • Access is NOT allowed from dusk to dawn.

  • Keep the Conservation Area litter free. Pack in & pack out!

  • All pets must be on leash (2 m/6 ft max).

  • Fishing is permitted with a provincial fishing licence. Hunting is not permitted.

2024 FEES

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